Ocubis Paul Street Hotel

A unique opportunity to breathe new life into the relatively dormant City/Shoreditch border, the new hotel at 49-51 Paul Street proposes exemplary architecture alongside a modern, technology forward, sustainable design.

Once complete the hotel will offer 145 spacious bedrooms over 10 storeys with public restaurant and café space available at ground floor level. The façade of the hotel follows a contemporary interpretation of the Shoreditch warehouse elevation, complementing the surrounding differing architectural styles dominated by Victorian and Edwardian warehouses. Elementa’s work on the project has involved detailed analysis and design across the building exterior in order to prevent overheating occurring from the large glass façade. Compact air conditioning units used throughout has also aided the aesthetic aspirations of the project by improving views and minimising the need to compromise on the architectural design and the building’s fit within the street scape.

Elementa have liaised with the GLA (Greater London Authority) over the energy and heating strategy of the new build hotel to ensure maximum optimisation. As an infill site, the project posed interesting challenges in order to achieve the same carbon reductions due to the reduced building ‘effective’ external envelope, with future neighbouring buildings still yet to be built. Other sustainable methods include maximising the roof space through the use of PV’s, and low energy ASHP to provide the heating / cooling and sufficient CHP to provide the building’s hot water. Overall high energy efficiency has been achieved, saving the client in both carbon and cost reductions.

With work occurring on the site which has been vacant since the 1970’s, the new hotel seeks to reinstate the historic building line of Paul Street, while improving the immediate environment’s character and wider area.

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