National Institute of Standards + Technology

National Institute of Standards + Technology

This federally-funded project was a deep renovation of 200,000 square feet of existing office and laboratory space with structural upgrades, an entirely new building envelope, new laboratory facilities, and a full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrade within very tight budget constraints.

The team included 12 of the 15 Labs21 Best Practice Guidelines within the budget and exceeded ASHRAE 90.1 standards by 35%. A primary project objective was to provide a flexible design that maximizes the prime on-grade laboratory space. As research changes over time, the labs, and the systems serving them, must be able to adapt.

Key features of the design included ventilation decoupled from heating and cooling; local hydronic heating and cooling for sensible loads; water- and air-side economizer cooling; air-side heat recovery; and low-pressure drop design.

The team used Autodesk Revit to design the project, which allowed for early three-dimensional presentation of the design intent to the National Institute of Standards + Technology (NIST) and the building occupants. This process created a graphically intense representation of the owner’s new space, transforming their 1960s building into a state-of-the-art testing and research laboratory.

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