Monash Centre of Electron Microscopy

Monash Centre of Electron Microscopy

Monash Centre of Electron Microscopy (MCEM) provides the world-best practice capability in electron microscopy which enables researchers to determine composition, structure, and bonding materials down to the atomic scale. Integral Group provided services to refurbish an existing laboratory to meet the ambient conditions of a new UltraTEM.

After consultation with a Vibration, Acoustic, and Electromagnetic Field Consultant, Integral was able to establish the baseline ambient conditions within the laboratory. The team then identified stray direct current (DC) and electromagnetic (EM) fields within the MCEM which they were able to rectify to ensure the room exceeded the requirements.

After a 6-month commissioning period to ensure that the room and its upgraded air conditioning system were able to meet the strict environmental stability criteria. The team compared the room conditions to the baseline measurements. The results exceeded the client set expectations and ensured that the laboratory was ultra-stable and the new purpose-built instrument can perform as intended.

Upon completion, Integral Group updated Monash Universities’ design guidelines with a range of additional key design requirements for the adjacent projects (within 200 meters of the site). One specific feature was solar array and battery string design for minimal EM field propagation in the quasi-DC band.

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