Menlo Gateway Development

Menlo Gateway

In tandem with integrated daylighting design, Integral Group provided electric lighting design services to create an energy efficient, and dynamic building façade to this mixed-use 1,000,000 ft² development.

Our approach considered the lighting design as a supplemental move, assuming daylight to be the primary source of illumination in all work spaces. By first tuning the glazing and shading specifications, the electric lighting became a subtle layer intended to balance illumination levels in evening and overcast hours, and to offer a night time marker of the building form against the evening sky.

With the façade glass designed to optimize daylight, the night time experience of the façade is primarily driven by the play of precisely lit interior elements glowing through the skin. As time transitions from day to night, the exterior reflections of sun and sky in the glass fade to inner reflections of electric light and interior surfaces.

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