Menlo Gateway Development

Menlo Gateway will be a new technology hub including three office buildings, a luxury hotel and fitness center, and three parking structures. This mixed-use project is striving towards resiliency, energy efficiency, and beauty by reappropriating industrial land and emphasizing sustainable building practices and green construction materials. The development, once complete, will not only use 40% less water and 24% less energy than standard mixed-use construction, but by doing so it will significantly reduce the buildings’ operating costs.

Integral Group is providing sustainability consulting for the project’s LEED accreditation process, as well as daylighting analysis, and full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services for Menlo Gateway. Our daylighting models provided optimal orientations for the buildings to maximize daylight integration and thus reduce the use of electrical lighting. To further minimize energy consumption, Integral Group designed an HVAC system that decouples ventilation from heating and cooling, significantly reduces the size of the fans necessary for ventilation. Moreover, the air handler units contain heat recovery wheels, which absorb heat from the exhaust air, reducing the load on the hydronic system and providing significant energy savings.

The Independence Office building and Hotel Nia were both completed in spring 2018. Integral Group was recently invited by WRNS to partner on a tenant improvement portion of the development. The 500,000 square foot Independence Office building is being prepared for occupation by a large technology client.

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