Marin Academy Science and Innovation Center

The new Science and Innovation Center at Marin Academy will include six new science lab classrooms, research labs, and community space. The building is designed to support and promote collaborative learning. This project also included renovation of an existing classroom building to support interdisciplinary coursework and collaboration.

Located in place of an existing parking lot, the site was specifically chosen to reclaim the center of campus for students instead of cars, and to create a visible and vibrant presence for science learning in the heart of campus. The new building is also meant to integrate learning between indoors and outdoors, and provide collaborative spaces where student can engage in meaningful, learning-centered conversations. Classrooms will be modular and flexible, adapting to changing science, technology, and teaching styles over time.

Integral Group is providing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services for this project. Design features such as transparent access panels on radiant manifolds and the use of exposed mechanical systems working in conjunction with passive systems are intended to provide inspiration for students. The project will integrate with a campus renewable energy strategy to provide solar power generation on-site, and will be PV-ready.

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