Manor Branch Library

Manor Branch Library

The San Leandro Washington Manor Branch Library is an inviting community center that exemplifies the highly successful integration of a high level of architectural design with energy efficiency and user comfort in civic building. During the day, the carefully designed fenestration system provides ample daylight for reading while preventing glare and unnecessary heat gain. At night the library becomes a glowing beacon, drawing the community in for events, conversation, or for a comfortable chair and a good book.

Energy efficient and sustainable features in the building include efficient air handlers, natural ventilation, and daylighting. The integration of these elements into the building’s bold, unique architecture provides a high quality of indoor air, user comfort, and significant energy savings compared to conventional construction methods.

Intuitive wayfinding and express-checkout stations facilitate circulation through the library for customers, while attractive displays and comfortable seating areas tempt them to linger. The program room doubles as overflow computer lab and study space. The circulation desk and the staff work room feature excellent views of public areas as well as a streamlined flow of materials from the drops to the shelves. Bold and elegant details connect wood, steel, and concrete in a robust and dynamic structural system.

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