LinkedIn Offices at 880 Maude

LinkedIn wanted their new Sunnyvale office to be both beautiful and energy efficient. In an effort to significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint, they renovated an existing 1970’s concrete building. A 245 kW photovoltaic (PV) array was installed on the roof to offset the building’s energy needs. A large, vaulted atrium in the building’s center is filled with trees and plants, providing a biophilic space for casual meetings and shared meals.

Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing concepts and full design of the electrical systems. We also performed daylighting design and sustainability consulting services. The building uses a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, which provides low-maintenance, all-electric heating and cooling. This is accompanied by a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), which separates the exhaust air exiting the building from the outside air used for ventilation; this prevents mixed or recirculated air.

Our daylighting and lighting team incorporated 20 skylights throughout the building, which drastically reduces the building’s energy needs. Plug loads are kept down by an automatic controls system; electrical outlets are color-coded to clarify which outlets will remain active overnight. An interactive energy dashboard in the lobby displays real-time energy use by the different systems in the building, broken down by the hour.

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