Linde + Robinson Lab for Global Environmental Science

Linde + Robinson Lab

This historic retrofit project includes several ground-breaking ‘firsts’ for a physical science research lab. The highly sustainable renovation will be the first to achieve a LEED Platinum rating for a laboratory in a historic building, include radiant cooling and compressor-free cooling 50% of the year, a minimum 40% reduction in lab equipment energy use and a minimum of 25% annual energy provided by on-site photovoltaic panels.

A completely unique and exciting element to the project is the repurposing of the historic coelostat solar telescope into a daylighting device for the basement labs. Sunlight will be directed by the coelostat into custom daylighting fixtures in the basement lab levels, providing natural light and a connection to diurnal rhythms and current sky conditions. The new building occupants will also
use the beams of sunlight in experiments designed to study reactions similar to those in the upper atmosphere, eliminating the need to artificially recreate sunlight in the lab.


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