Leys Health Centre

The aim of NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) is to create a new future for primary care, characterised by modern purposebuilt facilities for NHS staff and patients alike. The LIFT approach involves the local health community working with a private sector partner selected through competitive procurement.

The Leys Health Centre was the first project delivered through the Oxford LIFT – providing a total healthcare facility in the heart of the community. Key primary care facilities delivered include a doctors’ surgery, a communitynursing unit, a pharmacy, a dental practice and a private nursery.

Our work on this project included provision of all mechanical and electrical services ensuring that all HTM’s and HBN’s were adhered to. As with all public sector projects, sustainability and energy efficiency were a high priority. Key sustainable technologies employed included computer modelling to define maximum summer temperatures – ensuring that the Health Centre can stay within NHS energy targets. The finished building achieved a NEAT rating of very good.

Finalist for the “Hospital Development Awards” for “Better Health Buildings 2006”

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