LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

Elementa have provided full MEP services on LEGOLAND Windsor resort new 72 room hotel. The Castle themed designed, medieval complex is set to act at as a new standalone attraction to the theme park, increasing interest and the visitors length of stay to the park. The hotel includes an array of new design features, whilst keeping to the recognisable LEGO brand. The hotel contains over 2.1 million individual LEGO bricks integrated throughout the hotel design in unique features, moreover the whole project hypothetically if scaled down 20 times is a replica size of an actual LEGO castle model.

To achieve these impressive design features, Elementa coordinated carefully with Merlin’s design team, consisting of ‘imaginers’ and ‘themers’ in order to deliver a project that kept to the themed aspirations while working with innovative new technologies. Working to such strict design requirements the challenges on this project were to ensure that the aesthetic design features were functional within the hotel, with limited space and allocation of services.

With the LEGOLAND site housing their own HV, gas and water, Elementa undertook utilities assessments of the overall park in order to integrate the new hotel into the existing services. Elementa also provided the energy strategy for the project with the incorporation of high efficiency air source heat pumps, again working with the design team to deliver low levels or air tightness with good U values resulting in an energy efficient building.

Elementa worked in a truly integrated fashion with the contractors and novated design team to ensure that the programme critical build, driven by the seasonal nature of the resort, was completed in time.

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