Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory FLEXLAB

Integral Group provided engineering services for the Conceptual Design Report, and once funded by the DOE, Integral Group provided full design of this FLEXLAB for Low-Energy Integrated Building Systems. This User Facility will be comprised of a set of test beds and simulation platforms for research, development, and demonstration of low-energy building technology, control systems, and building systems integration. The facilities are designed to address key technical challenges for low-energy buildings. They will serve a national need to support the aggressive pursuit of energy efficiency strategies established by the Department of Energy (DOE) for existing and new buildings, and will promote the widespread deployment of these strategies. LBNL is currently developing a service model that will accommodate the varying industry and R&D needs required for effective development of deployable technologies systems.

The User Facility will consist of a series of unique energy-efficient building systems test beds to be located in new and existing structures at Berkeley Lab. Researchers will be able to replace prototype building systems such as exterior building envelope, windows and shading systems, lights, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), energy control systems, roofs and skylights; as well as interior components such as ceilings and raised floors.

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