King’s College London Rayne Institute

Elementa were appointed by King’s College London to design the echanical, Electrical and Public Health systems for the refurbishment of the Ventilation Systems at the Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering of the Rayne Institute located on the 4th Floor of St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

The scope of the project at the Rayne Institute of works to six separate laboratories:

Main Radio-Chemistry Laboratory, Imaging Hot Laboratory, Tissue Culture Laboratory, Biology Lab, NMR/DNP Laboratory, Preclinical Scanning Laboratory

The existing ventilation, air conditioning and dedicated fume extract systems were in poor condition and woefully inadequate for the requirements of the laboratories. Elementa were tasked with ascertaining the shortfalls of the existing system and redesigning said systems in order to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for the occupants.

Supply to the laboratories consisted of a combination of all air systems providing heating and cooling from a roof mounted air handling unit and distributed via a ventilated ceiling. The Preclinical Scanning Laboratory also has retrofitted fan coil units to provide local cooling.

Extract ventilation was provided from the main building extract system and via the Fume Cupboards. This system was not ideal for the application as the general extract ventilation was not controlled by the institute often resulting in positively pressurising the laboratories The Fume Extract systems were also insufficient in duty and resulted in failing containment tests rendering them unusable. In addition the internal temperatures would often rise above acceptable temperatures and result in the need for local cooling in the form of portable air conditioning units.

Our design consisted of tackling the associated issues on numerous fronts. The existing air handling unit, chiller plant and steam to LTHW calorifier were replaced with appropriately sized units. The ventilated ceiling and ceiling void were resealed and validated to ensure optimal distribution within the laboratory. Local duct mounted Heater and Cooling batteries were installed to temper the supply air to give local control of the internal temperatures of the  spaces in order to maximise user comfort. The general extract system was isolated from the main building by the installation of a new roof mounted unit to ensure that the Institute had full control over the entire ventilation system.

The Fume Extract fans were replaced and the ductwork routing optimised. This ensured that the Fume Cupboards/Safety Cabinets were operating efficiently and provided a safe working environment.

The result was a comfortable and safe working environment for the occupants with dedicated systems under the laboratories control.

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