Integrated Climate and Energy Strategy

Santa Cruz

UCSC is trying to achieve two climate goals: (1) reduce Scope 1 on-site emissions to 15% below California Cap & Trade thresholds by 12/31/20, and (2) achieve carbon neutrality of scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions 2025. To achieve this, the campus is developing an integrated climate and energy strategy that evaluates building energy efficiency, on-site renewable energy, biogas procurement, and purchased offsets. The project will develop a roadmap for the campus to achieve its carbon reduction goals and evaluate its options over time.

Integral Group is the Prime leading the consultant team. We are helping the college manage this yearlong process and also providing a technical engineering role. We are performing building energy and district energy audits to identify deep savings energy efficiency opportunities. We are modeling their potential energy, cost, and carbon savings as well as estimating implementation costs to help determine cost effectiveness and project feasibility. Additionally, we are analyzing on-site renewable energy options capacity, energy production potential, and interconnection feasibility.

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