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Integral Group Oakland

The Integral Group’s Deep Green Office project is an innovative remodel of a commercial office space in a 1930’s Art Deco Era building. The office space, located in Oakland, California serves as the office for Integral Group’s West Coast-East Bay location.

The intent of the design was to be a proof of concept to demonstrate how careful planning and sustainable design techniques can achieve both high-energy efficiency and high comfort for occupants using current technologies at an affordable price. The office space demonstrates our commitment to designing practical, affordable, and highly resource-efficient buildings. The design was accomplished at a very low cost of $25 per square foot, achieved a 37% total energy reduction with highly energy efficient mechanical and lighting systems, and realized a 40% water usage savings with carefully designed plumbing systems.

The project holds a LEED Platinum rating (CI 2009) with 102 out of a possible 110 points, which at this time is the world’s highest score. The office is also certified as an Alameda County Green Business. The remodel was completed in July 2010 and covered 16,000 sf (square feet). Approximately 13,000 sf is office workstation and conference room space, while the remaining areas are allocated to ancillary spaces such as, restrooms, kitchenettes, and storage areas.
Energy Efficiency

The project uses 37% less energy than a typical U.S. office building of its size as compared to California’s Title 24 Energy Efficiency Code. This savings was realized through the use of a high-efficiency natural gas fired boiler and ventilation air handler. Natural ventilation supplemented by personal desktop fans, and night-time purging eliminates mechanical air conditioning in virtually all spaces. Energy-efficient lighting is controlled by daylightng and occupancy sensors throughout. Energy efficiency gains were provided by a combination of HVAC, Lighting and Plug Load design strategies and technologies.

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