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Indigenous House

Indigenous House at the University of Toronto Scarborough exemplifies Indigenous cultural values focusing on scholarship and the revitalization of endangered indigenous languages. The building will have spaces for teaching, research, reflection, and ceremony for Indigenous students, faculty and staff, and the non-Indigenous campus community. Additionally, the facility will be welcoming and inclusive and will provide opportunities for learning about Indigenous culture, placemaking, traditions, and stories.

A defining feature of the project is the totem to the west of the building that will symbolize the Indigenous culture and provide fresh air to the building. The totem will draw in fresh outdoor air, and the air will route through a labyrinth of buried earth tubes as it snakes its way into the building.

The site has sweeping views of the forested ravines to the southwest. The building siting and construction will adhere to Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s ‘top of bank’ setbacks and ravine protection requirements.

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