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Ikon Park Redevelopment

Continuing our relationship with Carlton Football Club, Integral Group was once again engaged to provide services for the Ikon Park redevelopment. The redevelopment offers more excellent amenities and facilities for the Australian Football League Women (AFLW) players and match day facilities.

With the growth of AFLW, the facility needs to expand and be commensurate with the elite nature of the athletes. The project aims to better integrate the AFLW facilities with the current high-performance training facility, removing the existing physical barriers between the two arms of the Club.

The refurbishment of the existing building was completed in stages, allowing the Club to continue to occupy a portion of the building during construction. This challenge meant we needed to carefully review dependencies of services between the stages of work to ensure ongoing building operation. We worked closely with the architect, Populous, and project manager, Duo Projects, and the Club to achieve this. There was also extensive consultation with Authorities to complete upgrade works and ensure the building was occupied safely during construction.

Another challenging aspect of the project was introducing new broadcast standard sports lighting in the parkland and residential setting.  We have worked with the client group to address council and resident concerns through a collaborative design process, resulting in a high-quality scheme that has the most negligible impact on the neighboring properties.

Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, fire protection, communications, security, audio-visual, vertical transportation, fire engineering, and sustainability services for Ikon Park redevelopment.

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