Hyatt Regency | San Francisco Airport

Integral Group worked with the Hyatt Regency SFO on a ground breaking free cooling, chilled water pumping and control system upgrade.  The project resulted in energy savings of approximately $90,000.00 USD per year and a utility rebate slightly under $60,000.  More importantly, there was an improvement in guest comfort in meeting rooms and conference areas due to the higher level of temperature control and added outside air ventilation.

Integral Group first completed an analysis of the existing HVAC system, which included measurements of flow on the chilled water and condenser water side of the chillers.  Power and temperature measurement and trending were included in the analysis.  Data from the existing building along with powerful modeling tools were used to determine potential energy savings as well as comfort impacts of a series of system modifications.  Contractors were consulted in order to estimate construction costs.  These data were combined in order to come up with ROI and payback calculations.

After reviewing the recommendations, the hotel management decided to implement all of the recommended modifications.  These recommendations included physical modifications to the chilled water system as well as several control system changes.  The control system replace included the requirement of using the BACnet protocol.  Integral Group prepared all construction drawings and specifications, and coordinated the bidding process, as well as reviewed much of the construction progress.  At the completion of the project, Integral Group conducted a simplified commissioning process.  All of the logic elements of the new control system were tested.  New permanently installed flow meters allowed for fast verification of flow and chilled water performance.

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