Horton Plaza Redevelopment

Horton Plaza Redevelopment

Originally built in 1985, the Horton Plaza Redevelopment spans over six blocks and is being reimagined to become a creative office campus. The redevelopment encompasses 840,000 gross square feet of renovation, repurposing, and additions.

The office areas of this project are designed to meet a zero-carbon goal. Cooling is provided by a new central plant serving the campus. Water-source heat pumps draw heat out of the chilled water return piping to provide heating for the offices. Thermodynamic zoning of the air handling units eliminates the need for hot water piping and reheat within the space. A 300,000 square-foot life science tower will rise 10 stories within the campus. Designed as warm-shell, speculative laboratory space, the all-electric systems are convertible to accommodate either life science or office tenants to meet market demands. Heat recovery coils in the lab exhaust reduce the energy needed to heat the 100% outdoor air lab systems and save on heating equipment installation costs.

The life science tower will be served by San Diego’s first onsite commercial blackwater treatment system, harvesting wastewater from the core restrooms and treating it for re-use in the cooling towers and flushing. This system saves 55% of the campus potable water use.

In addition to providing MEP and technology design services for the zero-carbon campus, Integral’s Advanced Energy Services team is also acting as the project’s advisor for the optimization and procurement of the campus’s 5 MW photovoltaic and battery storage systems to cut energy costs, risks, and carbon.

Providing Stockdale Partners with investment-grade advisory services in its effort to deploy one of the largest commercial-scale microgrids in California, Integral is leveraging both technical and financial expertise. Using parametric modeling of over 70,000 simulations, the team developed performance and financial forecasts for varying weather, tenant conditions, and utility rate tariffs — enabling optimized microgrid configuration. Integral developed a commercial framework for prospective energy procurement(s), including contracting methodology and performance guarantees, ran competitive solicitation, performed vendor due diligence, evaluated proposals, supported contract negotiations, communications, stakeholder engagement, and marketing.

In total, services for Horton Plaza Redevelopment eliminated $6M in upfront capital costs and cut operating electric utility costs by over 60%.

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