Half Moon Bay Library

This new 22,000 square foot library will include separate spaces for literacy services, youth services, a teen room, quiet study space, computer use, a programming space with an attached catering kitchen, a children’s garden, a courtyard and a second-floor deck. This library will replace an existing 7,285 square foot library that was designed to serve a community of 4,320 – a community which has now grown over six times to over 29,000 people.

The design will support the City of Half Moon Bay’s sustainability goal by reaching a minimum certification of LEED Gold and a stretch goal of LEED Platinum. Integral Group is providing energy modeling to estimate the Net Zero Energy potential for the library. Integral is also performing full mechanical, plumbing and electrical services, and a photovoltaic system of at least 488 kW will be installed.

The library will feature natural daylight and views, healthy indoor air quality, plenty of natural ventilation with mechanical assist, passive cooling, active heating, energy efficient equipment, and active space cooling where required. The design will also allow for flexibility in schedules, staffing and courses, and will showcase to the staff and community the importance of a responsible design and how this impacts our environment.

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