General Dynamics Corporation

General Dynamics

Integral Group provided engineering services for tenant renovations for General Dynamics facilities located across the United States. The projects included office, electronic labs, light fabrication areas and employee amenity spaces. The majority of the work being performed in these facilities involved development of electronic hardware and software in support of federal department of defense agencies. As a result, significant SCIF areas were provided to meet stringent security requirements of these General Dynamics clients. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design required to support the space usage covered a wide range of systems. Office and amenity areas required traditional office HVAC, lighting, and power systems. SCIF, Laboratory, and Data Center areas required additional capacity for the dense equipment loads as well as redundancy in HVAC and power systems. UPS and generators power was provided for significant areas in all of these facilities.

AIS Renovation – Santa Clara, California 305,000 ft²
Tenant Renovation –  Herndon, VA 30,000 ft²
Tenant Renovation – Annapolis Junction, MD 40,000 ft²
Existing Facility Renovation – Hanover, MD 47,000 ft²

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