Fraser Commons at Marine

Fraser Commons at Marine is a 4-building, 363-unit, 22-story, mixed-use market condominium that includes commercial retail and daycare spaces. Targeting LEED Gold certification under the LEED v2009 New Construction program, the project required airtightness testing to satisfy LEED prerequisite IEQp2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control. Alongside modern ventilation systems, improved airtightness enhances occupant comfort, limits exposure to airborne contaminants, and supports energy efficiency targets.

The Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)-based design included units with difficult-to-seal exterior ventilation grilles, making preparation for the airtightness testing more complex. Integral Group provided both Mock-up Qualitative Testing & Pre-Occupancy Quantitative Testing services for this project and accurately defined test batches to capture a representative sample of units while still allowing for efficient test sequencing, despite varying building heights and units sizes.

Clear communication with building superintendents on the site team and the development of a clear testing plan early on were key for the Fraser Commons project’s success, and the team leveraged their experience to identify which areas were most critical to address.


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