Fort Collins Zero Net Energy Eco-District

Fort Collins Zero Net Energy Eco-District

Integral Group worked with the City of Fort Collins to develop a groundbreaking master plan for a Zero Net Energy and Net Zero Water Eco-District encompassing two city blocks. The new city Civic Center, which encompasses the two blocks of government buildings, embodies and enhances the City’s sustainability values of holistic sustainable design supporting a true triple-bottom-line approach, focusing on environmental, economic, and social benefits. In keeping with this goal and the guiding principles of the project, the master plan embraces a regenerative and resilient design approach.

The Fort Collins Civic Center Eco-District was designed for not only Zero Net Energy operation, but also with the capacity to be Net Positive, producing enough energy to contribute to the larger “FortZED” district the project is located within.

One objective was to develop a water balance as close to Net Zero Water as is feasible within the constraints of Colorado water laws. This includes domestic water consumption, irrigation, process water, and rainwater. Upon evaluation, utilization of a Living Machine to treat wastewater and stormwater on-site for use in irrigation and toilet flushing was identified as a viable option. In addition, stormwater is managed on-site with appropriate landscaping that mimics, to the best of its ability, a natural hydrology condition.

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