Foothill-De Anza Community College District | Innovation Way Campus

Foothill de Anza

Foothill-de Anza Community College District has relocated its satellite campus to the site of a former air force station in Sunnyvale. The first phase of construction produced the state-of-the-art Education Center, which offers year-round programs and courses in early childhood education, pharmacy technology, emergency medical technician training, and computer education. The 50,000 ft² facility houses 24 classrooms along with laboratories, student workspaces, and faculty and administrative offices.

Integral Group designed the electrical system and performed daylighting analysis for the new campus working with architects, Lionakis. Our analysis allowed us to take advantage of the building’s thin floorplate to prioritize daylighting over electrical lighting. In the classrooms, sensors measure daylight levels throughout the day and automatically turn off or dim the electrical lighting when it is not needed. Additionally, occupancy sensors turn off the lights when no one is present in the room. The offices contain a plug-load control system, which turns off in accordance with the occupancy sensors.

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