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The project team was engaged to work towards EISA goals 2007 to review all the LEED OM credits and discuss the owner’s goals and ability to achieve each credit. As part of the certification team, Integral Group and Perkins+Will completed the evaluation phase of the project, which included a gap analysis to determine the ability of the campus to meet the LEED EBOM prerequisites, including minimum Energy Performance, minimum Water Efficiency and minimum Ventilation Air requirements. As part of the minimum Energy Performance evaluation, Integral Group utilized utility bills for prior years to determine existing energy use and completed an Energy Star evaluation for each phase of the campus. This evaluation identified that the campus did not meet the required minimum Energy Star rating. However, due to the electrical distribution system and the use of central heating and cooling energy plants, it was impossible to accurately measure the energy use for each individual building, to determine where the energy was being used and track the performance of each building as modifications and upgrades are implemented.

Consequently a comprehensive sub metering plan was developed and implemented to measure the energy usage for each building, including electrical and gas sub-meters and BTU meters to measure both heating and cooling energy to each building.


  • Received an Energy Performance Rating (1-100) of 72 from the US EPA’s Energy Star rating system. Exceeded the target score of 69. The target reduction in energy use was 6.2%
  • The energy efficiency measures that have been implemented have reduced annual energy costs, a savings of 22.3%

Integral Group completed an existing conditions survey to determine the arrangement and condition of the existing building systems including interviews with the building operation and maintenance personnel to complete an overall existing conditions assessment. This included a detailed evaluation to identify potential system upgrades and modifications necessary for LEED EB compliance by conducting Energy Audits and prioritizing credits based on cost benefit analysis, ease of implementation and suitability to FDIC. Certification work by Integral Group included implementation of energy retrofits, completion of commissioning plans and associated commissioning work and completion of required LEED documentation.

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