DPR Construction | Zero Net Office Building

Integral Group provided design services for the comprehensive renovation of 945 Front Street – the home of DPR Construction and the first net zero office in San Francisco. This full renovation included the upgrading of mechanical systems, and structural upgrades allowed for the installation of a rooftop photovoltaic array with the capacity to provide enough energy over the course of one year to offset any draw of electricity from the grid that the building may have. Designed to give occupants full access to daylight, the building uses lighting strategies including solar tubes, skylights with dynamic glazing, and lighting sensors to improve the quality and access of daylight throughout the entirety of the building. Multiple biophilic elements are incorporated throughout the space, including two living walls and a living wine bar.

Integral Group studied the DPR’s plug loads at their old site and took steps to monitor and reduce those loads in the building. Smart plug strips prevent unnecessary power use from equipment that is not in use. The space makes use of San Francisco’s temperate climate through stack ventilation using operable windows and skylights in addition to increasing air flow using BMS control ceiling fans. The team selected a VRF system to provide efficient heating and cooling with heat recovery.

Key Features:

  • 118 kW photovoltaic array
  • VRF fan coil units
  • Dedicated outside air handling units with heat recovery
  • Maximized daylight via solar light tubes and dynamic glazing
  • Passive cooling and natural ventilation, including eight solar-powered, automated openable skylights
  • Active energy use monitoring and a detailed dashboard
  • Two solar thermal panels for domestic hot water
  • Twelve high efficiency ceiling fans with BMS controlled turn-down
  • Low- or no-flow plumbing fixtures which save more than 30,000 gallons of water annually
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