Discovery Green

The Discovery Green project represents one of the most sustainable buildings of its type ever built. Recognizing that a healthy indoor environment is critical for future office spaces, the design of this project focused on improved occupancy comfort levels. This 150,000 sq. ft., 5-story office building focuses on increasing productivity, performance and social responsibility for the high-tech industry.

Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical engineering design services, as well as LEED consulting services to guide this project towards achieving its sustainable goals. Innovative design includes the use of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) technology. This system offers simultaneous heating and cooling, exact temperature control, and total heat recovery. Combined with natural lighting strategies such as sun shades, an Encelium lighting control system offers better lighting quality and remarkable efficiency. Overall, energy saving measures contributed to an estimated 40% reduction in energy consumption below baseline standards. Water conservation was achieved through extensive storm water management and recycling, bioswale filtration, low-flow plumbing fixtures. Rainwater harvesting alone reduces water consumption by up to 45%.

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