Denver Water Campus Redevelopment

The new campus for Denver Water, the utility company responsible for bringing clean water to City of Denver, Colorado consists of a new administration building plus several campus operations and maintenance buildings totaling over 350,000 square feet. The administration building has been certified LEED Platinum and is designed to Zero Net Energy. Multiple additional buildings on the campus have been Certified LEED Gold and Silver, and are Zero Net Energy Ready.

During the master planning for the campus redevelopment, the energy and water use of the existing campus buildings was collected, analyzed and benchmarked. All anticipated energy and water needs for the new and remodeled buildings were modeled to determine performance targets. A full-campus renewable energy assessment was also conducted to help the campus achieve its Net Zero Ready target. The project includes extensive rainwater harvesting and utilizes a Living Machine to provide on-site greywater and blackwater treatment. This innovative process cleanses wastewater naturally via plant root systems. The Living Machine outflow water is used for irrigation and to flush toilets.

The entire campus is served by an innovative central energy plant that utilizes both the ground and a large domestic water main as a heat source or heat sink depending on the season. Cooling and heating is provided throughout via radiant tubing in the concrete slabs of the buildings to yield the greatest thermal comfort at the lowest energy use.

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