DCL Medical Arts Centre

The DCL Green Healthcare Centre in Niagara Falls will set a standard in healthcare facility design and construction that balances the increasing pressure on healthcare facilities with the needs of the environments. The centre is slated to be one of the most energy efficient, sustainable healthcare building in North America. The four-story, 52,000 ft² building will house general practitioners, dentists, a compound pharmacist, a walk-in clinic, and laboratory and ultrasound facilities. The building will strive to achieve high performance objectives in “smart” building technologies, low-carbon materials, superior indoor quality, energy conservation including water management and landscape design.

BIM modeling will be used to pinpoint opportunities for energy reduction. The number of cost-effective solutions were identified during the DCL Charrette to bring a vision for the developer.

The centre hopes to achieve efficiency levels up to 75% better than the current Ontario Building Code. Integral Group is providing mechanical, electrical, and BREEAM certification consulting services for this ground-breaking project that is hoped to be a model for future medical facilities.

UV technology for air scrubbing  will contribute to a healthier air quality possible and reduce air particulates and contaminants. Advanced LED lighting systems throughout the facility will be used for better light quality to reduce patient stress and maximize energy conservation. Geothermal heating and cooling will reduce HVAC operational costs 50% compared to traditional building systems.

Additionally, DCL will be able to monitor building performance across entire building stock, compare energy usage to establish benchmarks, and adjust according to ensure the greatest operational efficiencies at all times.

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