DAR Headquarters Smart Village

This five-story corporate headquarters project had the bold vision of being the first certified LEED Gold building in Egypt and setting a new sustainability standard for the region. An integrated design approach was used to create a high performance building envelope and building systems.

To attain LEED Gold certification it is anticipated that the building will achieve between 28% and 30% energy reductions and will include on-site renewable energy systems (photovoltaics and solar thermal) to supply between 3% and 5% of the total building energy requirements. Water reduction efforts to achieve 40% or better savings focused on use of low flow fixtures and a grey water treatment system.

To showcase cutting edge sustainable design strategies, a net zero energy area of approximately 13,000 ft² was created. This area uses radiant cooling and displacement ventilation systems to further decrease energy consumption to allow offset by renewable PV power systems.


  • Use of the atrium as an environmental “transition” zone with a water feature to temper & reduce humidity.
  • Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS) with energy recovery and dehumidification systems.
  • Reduced fan and pumping energy through system design and equipment selection.
  • Enhanced electronic air filtration systems.
  • Thermally powered variable volume air diffuser systems.
  • Maximized day-lighting through building envelope and atrium design with automatic controls
  • Reduced ambient light levels coupled with high efficiency task lighting.
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