California State University Chico | Science Building

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California State University’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the LEED Gold target for this new facility on their Chico campus. While still in the preliminary stages, our design strategies aim to support the project’s sustainability goals with innovative, energy-saving options.

One of the best ways to increase energy efficiency in laboratory spaces is through airflow optimization. Large volumes of airflow are necessary in labs to ensure that contaminants are properly exhausted and not recirculated. Part of our airflow optimization strategy involves recommending energy-efficient lab equipment, such as variable-air-volume fume hoods.

Our design strategies also include heat recovery coils, which reduce a building’s energy needs by transferring heat from the exhaust air to the outside air being pulled into the building for ventilation. Additionally, contaminant monitoring will help increase energy efficiency; by monitoring contaminant levels in the supply air circulating around the laboratories, exhaust systems are permitted to ramp down when no contaminants are detected.

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