Creekside Community Centre

The Creekside Recreation Center provides the Southeast False Creek neighborhood with a recreational facility that includes a gymnasium, fitness rooms, boating center, daycare, and a two-story restaurant.

Integral Group completed the building’s mechanical and plumbing system design incorporating many passive features and energy saving measures to help the building achieve LEED Platinum certification.

In collaboration with BC Hydro’s New Construction Program, an energy modeling study was conducted during the earliest design phase which allowed for rigorous analysis of options to reduce energy use.

The mechanical systems designed provide a comfortable environment for the facility including passive thermal design strategies and improved indoor air quality control. The project connects to the Neighborhood Energy Utility to utilize recaptured sewer heat as the main heating source.

The proposed designs incorporated numerous energy and water saving strategies that enhance the project’s level of sustainability. They include the use of thermal mass, radiant heating and cooling, rainwater collection, solar water heating, and mixed-mode ventilation. With sustainability at the forefront of design considerations the project’s potential impact on the environment and its occupants is evident through the building’s low energy use and GHG emissions and high water efficiency.

Creekside is the first building in North America to use a solar absorption chiller in combination with radiant cooling, bringing energy savings to the higher level.


• Recaptured sewer heat via Neighborhood Energy Utility
• Thermal mass
• Solar absorption cooling
• Solar water heating
• Radiant heating and cooling
• Rainwater collection
• Mixed-mode 100% outdoor air displacement ventilation

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