Confidential Technology Company Campus


For the recent expansion of this technology company campus, Integral Group helped design healthy, beautiful, and energy-efficient buildings that support the collaborative spirit of the software company. The new construction included an open-office layout and green roof.

Our daylighting and electrical designs emphasize the comfort and wellbeing of the employees without sacrificing energy efficiency. We worked closely with the architects to orient the buildings in accordance with a daylight-integration study executed by Integral Group, maximizing the amount of daylight entering the buildings throughout the day. The efficient lighting control system turns off or dims the electrical lighting when it is not needed. The system works in accordance with automatic shading devices, which work to reduce glare and heat gain. Our designs contribute to the buildings’ low overall energy usage intensity (EUI) of 33 kBtu/ft² per year.

Integral Group also designed a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) which are currently projected to offset 40% of the buildings’ energy use, with a capacity to offset 100% of the buildings’ energy use in the future.

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