Confidential Investment Company

This project is a 160,000 ft² in occupation refurbishment of multiple buildings. Elementa carried out a condition survey and oversaw a validation process to ascertain the equipment that could be retained through efficiencies in space. A landlord contribution had been agreed for plant replacement subject to the scope being confirmed through our survey work.

Staff are being accommodated within the existing buildings and each of the three office buildings are being refurbished including new MEP on floor equipment to suit the new GA plans that have been developed over 9 phases. We have had significant input to the phasing strategy due to limitations placed on the phasing from the services infrastructure and in particular the comms infrastructure.

There is also an existing data centre that is being reduced in size from approximately 6000 ft² to 5,000 ft². The main infrastructure, cooling, UPS and electrical distribution equipment is being replaced whilst the data centre remains live. A new MEP plant location will be built and commissioned before a changeover and decommission of existing equipment. Once the decommission is complete the final reduction of the data centre and new rack layout can be completed.

Resilience and business as usual have been key points of importance on this project.

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