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College of Marin New Miwok Center is building a mixed-use communal hub with an aquatic center. Integral Group contributed during the schematic design phase at the beginning of the design-build process for the new building, helping the client to solidify their goals, and point them in the direction they wanted to go. With a pre-existing geothermal field on the site, the client explored an all-electric design with aspirational goals targeting a LEED Gold certification. Four existing structures were dismantled to be replaced with a single new building.

Integral Group provided schematic design including LEED modeling and consulting, pool heating and design assessment, geothermal analysis, Title 24 modeling performance, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.

Although San Francisco Bay Area construction costs posed challenges during this project, Integral Group was able to provide possible solutions. By proposing a hybrid design to heat the pool which would use a solar thermal system with a gas boiler as a backup, Integral Group was able to give the College options that were both efficient and less costly. Additionally, we explored the possibility to connect the building to the campus geothermal field. Consulting on the pool heating design and how it could connect to the campus geothermal system was an especially unique service we were able to provide for the College.

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