Clif Bar Headquarters

CLIF Headquarters

The Clif Bar Headquarters is a reflection of the company’s culture of sustainability. Located in a former valve manufacturing plant, it features energy conservation efforts including energy-efficient office equipment, a 40-foot bouldering wall, and four atrium gardens, as well as an on-site childcare center, cafeteria, theater and a fitness & wellness center.

Utilizing the latest in solar technology, the building has the largest smart rooftop solar array of any communal building in North America. It includes almost 2,000 solar panels designed to generate six to eight percent more power than a standard array. The panels heat 70% of the building’s hot water and fulfill close to all of the location’s electricity needs. Low-flow plumbing fixtures help reduce water usage by 30%. Overhead lights turn off when daylight is sufficient and sensors power down monitors and task lighting when unused.

While retaining the building’s original industrial feel, 75% of the materials used on the build were repurposed, including 12,000 feet of reclaimed wood from shipping containers, barns and railroad ties.

The childcare center includes specially designed inside and outside areas for five distinct age groups, from infants to five year olds. The children enjoy a music room, fitness toys, including child-sized fitness equipment, and an adjacent outdoor play area. The center’s bathrooms feature kid’s size dual-flush toilets, reducing water usage within the childcare center as well. The center is designed to have a focus on the environment and encourages eco-responsibility.

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