CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Framework & Standard

A multi-phase project, Integral Group firstly developed a Net Zero Buildings Strategy for the Canada Green Building Council. The scope of work included assessing existing terminology associated with Net-Zero Buildings and reaching consensus among various experts and stakeholders as to an appropriate definition of terms for the Canadian context. The outcomes of this exercise were then used to explore the principal building types in Canada and help identify key strategies and performance characteristics of Net Zero Buildings for each one.

Following the development of the renowned framework, Integral Group continued to work with CaGBC to release a full Zero Carbon Building standard for Canada. The process of developing the standard involved additional research and industry consultation, as well as technical analysis. Integral also helped to launch the program in May 2017, and will be working with several pilot projects to apply the standard in 2018. The Zero Carbon Building Standard assesses the carbon performance of commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings in Canada. The CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard provides a pathway for both new and existing buildings to reach zero carbon.

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