Cactus Club Café English Bay

This project involved the design of a new 5,980 sq. ft. Cactus Club Café located at 1790 Beach Avenue in the beautiful English Bay area of Vancouver, BC. The facility is the first LEED Gold Certified freestanding restaurant building in Canada. This is a one-of-a-kind development not only because of its LEED certification attainment, but its pristine location on the beachfront sandoverlooking the vast open ocean.

Integral Group was retained to provide mechanical engineering and energy modeling consulting services for this project. One of the biggest challenges the team faced was ensuring that mechanical equipment was not visible from the outside of the building during the process. To work around this obstacle, three separate mechanical rooms were used to keep all equipment hidden from the outside. The design involved extraordinary site constraints due to the proximity of the beach and reduced ceiling spaces.

Specific features such as solar shading, high-efficiency mechanical systems, low energy lighting and high-performance glazing systems were integrated in order to meet LEED Gold certification requirements. The building also features demand based kitchen exhaust system and heat recovery. Now in full operation, the project has proved that sustainable design for commercial restaurants is certainly attainable.

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