Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC

The Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre is designed to help understand and conserve the diversity of life on earth through research, education and outreach. Located at the University of British Columbia’s Point Grey campus, this impressive 122,656 sq. ft. facility includes wet and dry research laboratories for specialized processing and research involving a unique world-class collection of plants, fish, insects, fungi and fossils. In addition, the Centre includes the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, along with support and office spaces. The museum will showcase BC’s natural history and house more than two million specimens.

Integral Group provided mechanical services for this laboratory, research and museum facility. The mechanical system serving the laboratory requires a high ventilation rate. To maximize its energy efficiency, the heat contained in the exhaust air is recovered to preheat the incoming fresh ventilation air. The office block relies on natural ventilation by operable windows and simple perimeter hydronic heating. Heavy mass, low-intensity radiant slab heating and cooling combine with a natural and displacement hybrid ventilation system. This system uses small capacity equipment, uses the minimum amount of distribution ductwork, and can provide effective space cooling without refrigerants.

Other noteworthy features include high plume exhaust fans for labs to safely and effectively expel and disperse toxic fumes from the building, maintaining safety and comfort for building occupants. Laboratory services, plumbing systems and fire protection systems were also provided. The new centre embodies simple and effective low energy strategies and sustainability features.

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