Barking Riverside Mixed Use Development

Elementa has been appointed on a phase of London and Quadrant’s Barking Riverside redevelopment, one of the largest and most significant new residential hubs in London. The ambitious new scheme will create around 11,000 homes on the development which is being built on a 180-hectare brownfield site on the northern banks of the River Thames. Until the 1990s, it was home to three power stations and a large number of landfills.

A third of the site will be affordable housing, as well as 65,000 square meters of commercial, retail, and community facilities, one secondary and up to four primary schools, public squares and walkways, and major new highway infrastructure.

Elementa is providing full MEP and sustainability strategies on a phase of the development for 227 dwellings. The project has challenging performance targets with a budget and design optimization being at the forefront of the requirements. To achieve these goals Elementa is implementing a high level of coordination and communication between stakeholders in order to meet these aspirations. Design optimization has been displayed by developing modular service cupboards which have been condensed into a compact space. This has been important in order to maximize space for the new build homes and therefore maximizing future return on investment.

The master plan will form an important part of the growing community. This is also a key influx of new housing important to establishing the new transport links being brought to the area. The project follows the overarching principles and vision of the scheme, ensuring identity and character are created for this new town. The high-quality housing must abide by pioneering sustainability requirements, as the Barking Riverside development aims to be a showcase for sustainable urbanism and communities.


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