Atherton Civic Center

Atherton’s new Civic Center will serve as a true town center, housing essential services for the community while also providing venues and events to draw residents together. A library, police station, and City Hall—complete with a council chambers and city administration and community development offices—will surround a landscaped plaza. The local community has been engaged throughout the development stages of this project, ensuring that the residents of Atherton are invested in and empowered by this transformation to their town.

Integral Group is providing electrical design and daylighting services for the project, including a 360 kW photovoltaic (PV) system, which will allow the new buildings to target Zero Net Energy certification. The PV system includes carport- and roof-mounted solar panels that can offset the entire project’s energy use, as calculated by the Integral Group modeling team.

Our daylighting team examined daylight distribution patterns in each of the new buildings in order to measure natural light levels across the floor plans. By orienting the buildings to maximize daylight integration throughout the day, our designs provide significant energy-saving opportunities that are crucial to Zero Net Energy success.

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