Ampthill Estate

Situated in the heart of Camden, the Ampthill estate was built on the Hampstead Road in 1965 for the St Pancras Metropolitan Borough Council. A regeneration project to the buildings designed to include some relandscaping works was commenced to bring the buildings up to a modern living standard in conjunction with a large re-landscaping exercise.

Ampthill is a social housing estate. The main features of the estate are 3 tower blocks containing flats, each with a distinctive colored roof forming a local landmark that can be seen from the top of Primrose Hill next to Regents Park. The blocks are owned and managed by Camden Council, and many of the flats are occupied by tenants requiring social housing.

Elementa worked as a specialist advisor to the clerk of works as well as designer and review of the specialist mechanical and electrical systems. Elementa’s work involved the performance and schematic review of the project’s central CHP and solar water services and modifications to promote the full operation of the systems.

Elementa provided key design services for the more complex elements of the work and specification and design review of those elements produced by the specialist subcontractors. The key to the project was working in and around the building’s occupants, which had to be considered from the survey to the practical completion stage. Stakeholder engagement was therefore a key part of the project requirements.

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