America Online Headquarters

America Online Headquarters

Awards: International Design Award, IIDA; Architecture Award of Excellence, Virginia Society AIA; Architecture Award of Excellence, Northern Virginia AIA; Interior Architecture Merit Award, Washington Chapter AIA

Integral Group provided  mechanical and electrical engineering services for the 280,000 ft² of America Online’s Headquarters Campus, Creative Center Two building. The scope of work included the design of new electrical, mechanical, plumbing and life safety systems. All mechanical equipment is controlled from an electronic Direct Digital Controls (DDC) system.

In order to adhere to new indoor air standards the conditioned air is supplied to all of the office areas through a pressurized 18” underfloor plenum with floor mounted diffusers. Heating and cooling for the perimeter zones is provided by four-pipe fan coil units mounted below the raised floor. All special areas, including the kitchen, dining room, auditorium, and fitness center, is served by standard overhead supply air systems.

The cooling plant, located in the basement, cools the building with two watercooled chillers while the heating plant consists of gas/oil fired boilers. Heat recovered from the gas-driven engine chiller is used as a first stage in the hot water heating system. Other equipment, including the cooling towers, boilers, and pumps are located in the building’s penthouse. A separate cooling tower and condenser water loop runs from the penthouse to the first floor to provide 24-hour cooling. Ventilated air is supplied through two separate air handling units located in the penthouse. A smoke evacuation system is provided for the central atrium.


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