Alton Towers Resort Cbeebies Land Hotel

Elementa have been working on a new hotel for the popular UK theme park, Alton Towers. With the project recently reaching completion, the Staffordshire based theme park is said to have Britain’s first hotel designed exclusively for young families and pre-school children. The 76 new hotel rooms will be spread over four floors includes separate areas for both children and parents with each hotel room featuring interactive and children’s entertainment elements. The hotel has been designed to follow the BBC, Cbeebies theme throughout, with different rooms/areas reflecting different Cbeebies shows and characters. The new hotel also contains a large internal stage and seating area which will be used for performances and entertainment for guests.

Elementa worked closely with the other design team members to ensure that the revised design for the hotel could be accommodated within the existing granted planning permission with minimal changes to the approved external of the building. This meant careful planning and consideration for all services aspects within this fully theme hotel. This new stage centre has been designed with a tree canopy cover. The absence of a solid covering ceiling above the stage meant for careful coordination and communication between Elementa, architects and designers to ensure that services were hidden effectively yet still functionable and safe to operate around the material canopy.

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