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Advanced Microscopy Facility

The University of Melbourne’s Advanced Microscopy Facility at the Bio 21 Institute delivers electron microscopy for researchers working in biological and material sciences. Located in the historic Veterinary Research Institute on the Western Precinct the project enhances the application of the physical sciences, life sciences, and engineering applications used at the university. The Advanced Microscopy Facility will also enable the installation of new cryogenic electron microscopy (CryoEM) instruments allowing the department to grow and maintain its world-leading reputation.

Integral Group engineers designed an environmental control system within the microscopy suites that met the stringent requirements of air velocity <0.008 m/s and rate of change of temperature <0.04 oC/hr. The design also achieved the magnetic field disturbance limit of 130 nT.  The team was also appointed to design the services for the $140M, University of Melbourne Bio21 Western Precinct in 2005.

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