44 Water Street

The existing heritage building at 44 Water Street is located in the historic district of Gastown Vancouver. Under the Gastown Heritage Management Program, the old facility needed to be fully renovated and upgraded while retaining the original timber-frame structure.

Integral Group provided mechanical consulting services to upgrade the existing facility. The completed building now serves as a multi-use live/work facility with light commercial applications on the ground floor (i.e. art gallery, fashion store, and restaurant) and a single residential unit on the second floor.

The renovation included extensive upgrades to the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, and restoration of the heritage façade facing Water Street.  A radiant heating and cooling slab was incorporated as the primary source of heating and cooling. A geo-exchange system installed diagonally under the existing building footprint provides low-grade renewable heating and cooling energy for in-floor, low-intensity radiant conditioning for occupied spaces.

Key project features include solutions aimed at improving indoor environmental quality. Mixed mode ventilation was selected for ground floor which includes mechanically supplemented natural ventilation. Outdoor air is delivered at a low level, tempered by the radiant slab, and passed through the occupied space. Natural stratification occurs when the hot air rises where it is exhausted in a once-through flow pattern.

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