435 Indio Way

While large tech companies compete for Silicon Valley land to build their new campuses, millions of square feet of Bay Area office space sits vacant because the aging, energy-inefficient buildings are unattractive to today’s tech startups and corporate tenants. Breaking this trend is 435 Indio Way, a square, 1970’s single-story concrete tilt-up building was renovated into a 100% daylit, 100% naturally-ventilated Zero Net Energy Certified office building, which was designed to pack as much sustainability as possible into the design while keeping within the developer’s budget.

Upgrading the envelope and reducing mechanical loads, paired with 43 custom skylights designed by Integral Group and the integrated rooftop photovoltaics, help achieve zero net energy usage for the building. The existing building was completely uninsulated with tilt-up concrete walls and single pane glazing. The zero net renovation concept was a simple one that relied heavily on passive and bioclimatic design strategies. These include highly insulated walls and roof, daylighting via skylights, fully controlled solar gain from all apertures, natural ventilation for the majority of cooling needs, and fans for enhanced comfort control.

Integral Group provided the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, daylight modeling, PV design, energy modeling, and commissioning services that made the developer’s vision a reality. Where similar buildings require 18 months to sign a tenant, the Indio building leased in only 3 months at a higher rent than expected. The project has been such a success that the developer has branded the concept. Integral Group and the Indio team have designed three more ZNE renovations nearby.

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