1700 Webster

A new 23-story residential tower is under construction near Lake Merritt in the heart of downtown Oakland. The tower will contain 206 residential units over ground-level retail. Integral Group participated in an integrated design approach, allowing us to maximize the use of passive design features via the overall shape, size, and orientation of the building. Effective architectural massing, along with the building’s energy-efficient façade, will significantly reduce energy use.1700 Webster will use its water tanks, which are required for fire prevention, as thermal energy storage (TES).

TES allows the building to run its cooling equipment during off-peak hours—when the energy produced by the utility companies is cleaner and less costly. At night, the high-efficiency air source heat pumps cool the water in the tank, which is then used during the daytime to cool the building. Integral Group identified a PG&E incentive to cover most of the additional cost for the TES connection—proving one way energy-efficient solutions can also be cost-effective.

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