1700 Webster Residential Tower

1700 Webster

A new 23-story residential tower, recently completed, near Lake Merritt in the heart of downtown Oakland. The tower contains 206 residential units over ground-level retail. Integral Group participated in an integrated design approach, allowing us to maximize the use of passive design features via the overall shape, size, and orientation of the building. Effective architectural massing, along with the building’s energy-efficient façade, significantly reducing energy useage.

Utilizing an integrated design approach, Integral Group worked with the architect to help inform building massing and facade design. This collaborative process maximized the use of passive design, creating a high performance, healthy, and sustainable environment. The project is targeting LEED Gold.

The lighting of this building is designed to be an exciting addition to Oakland’s downtown, while also becoming a part of the existing city fabric. Primarily, lighting design strategies were developed to minimize uplight and glare for both residents and neighbors. Impact is achieved through the use of garage lighting that backlights the unusual colorful façade.

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