1120 Denny Way Mixed-Use Development

This project involves the development of a mixed use commercial and residential project located at 1120 Denny Way in Seattle, WA. The project includes two 42-story towers, over a seven story podium that will include 1,179 residential units with 1,337 parking stalls. This will include 28,118 sq. ft. of retail area and 32,496 sq. ft. of amenity space. Integral Group is providing mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services to this project.

The project will ensure that 20% of the site is physically accessible to occupants. Of the physically accessible space, 25% of that space will be vegetated. Stormwater will be collected and managed to limit peak runoff volumes and improve stormwater quality prior to entering the municipal system. Water efficient plumbing fixtures will be selected to demonstrate a 40% reduction in potable water use.

1120 Denny Way will utilize an advanced metering scheme to capture and monitor the ongoing energy performance of specific energy conservation measures. Information will be organized and used to update the energy model to verify the project’s performance relative to the modeled predicted energy performance of the project.

Ventilation is being designed to deliver 30% more ventilation to the space. Low emitting materials will be specified and installed to manage VOC quantities introduced into the interior space. Suites will be tested or flushed out to ensure air quality is acceptable prior to occupancy. Merv 13 filtration will be used where applicable in conjunction with entryway systems to limit indoor pollutants.

The suites will be designed to manage temperature and humidity to ensure indoor environmental quantity. Humidity monitoring equipment will be provided to inform occupants about their thermal comfort and how to manage it most effectively. The suite configurations will be developed to consider and maximize access to daylighting and views. A daylighting modeler will be retained
to model the building and identify the total quantity of space with sufficient access to these elements.

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